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too much wax on chalk paint

Remember NO WAX when painting pieces for outside. 6. I typically use a lint free old white t-shirt or rags that you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot. If that is not smooth enough, sand the surface prior to waxing with a sanding block sponge or sand paper- perhaps a 220 grit or a little higher. Annie created Chalk Paint™ over 20 years ago, and in the last two decades, her Chalk Paint™ has been pushed and tested beyond probably what either you or I could imagine! When Annie Sloan created chalk paint, she intended it to be finished with a wax. Also, something amazing about Chalk Paint™- is that it provides 50% more coverage in regards to square feet of painting compared to latex. 9. Use the clear wax as an eraser if too much dark wax was added. The last idea- is sealing the chalk paint with an outdoor polyurethane. When it comes to sanding the paint prior to wax to make the surface smoother- that is fine. The most popular and trending sprayer right now is HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer. Stage Four – Wipe the Sanding Dust Off . When chalk paint dries, it has a flat, chalky finish, and it takes on a soft sheen after a sanding with fine sandpaper and a wax finish coat. Instead, use … Depending on the piece I am finishing- I may have different amounts of wax coats. You will use more paint due to over spray- but you also thin your paint with water. Harbor Freight offers the quart size sprayers for just $9 but You have to own a compressor. This will act as a barrier and seal from bleeding through the paint. I started with a 2 to 1 ration of paint to water and decided the white was too thick. Let the chalk paint to dry before you apply the wax. Works on furniture too. I liked how the dark wax looked on the body of the dresser, but not on the top. on Jul 10, 2015. First, make sure that the paint is completely dry. If you applied a base of clear wax first and have let it cure before applying the dark wax, you can actually use more clear wax as a “magic eraser.” Just get some clear wax onto a rag and use it to remove the dark wax. I am having trouble with the under color or stain bleeding through. That is it, and that is where it stays, darkened paint and all!However- sometimes I want a piece to be very dark- so in that case- I make the choice to Dark Wax without a applying a clear wax layer prior. I like to use “real” Mineral Spirits..meaning not the “green” Mineral Spirits that has a milky white appearance. Comment Report abuse. So- if you do not want it to be potentially “pocketed” or uneven due to the existing chipping- you should lightly sand that area. Chalk Paint™ is very porous and the wax will penetrate the paint and literally fuse with it making it very strong. ... it really depends on how watered down you want the white to be. Reply. Is there a primer that smooths textured walls?? This will soften the underlying wax, making it easy to remove all of the excess. Worse case scenario- with chalk paint, you can simply paint right over the wax and start again. Again- just one or two uniformed swipes across the whole area in one sweep – and that is it. Dark waxing over polyurethane, how to do it? By waxing it first, you really cut down on the dust made when sanding which is important if doing a piece in your home. I used a Rust-Oleum chalk style spray paint to give a bookcase an easy makeover. Chalk paint does not have a sealer like the other types of paint. A win win. If you find that the stain on the doors bleeds through your paint, please reference my site here regarding my post on Zinsser Shellac. A perfect example of this is when we wax our cars. Everyone here at The Purple Painted Lady is extremely grateful for all of you. The reason you clear wax first is that it will protect your paint color and it adds additional layers of protection. I take a plastic spoon and a paper plate. Painting Fabric with Chalk Paint. Please contact me and I will be happy to answer your question! NO PROBLEM! recently painted with chalk paint, I added too much wax at the end. Let the first coat of chalk paint dry. Chalk paint was used to paint both the mirror frame and the bottom half of the dresser and drawer fronts. It will quickly absorb the wax you apply to it right after painting. If that is all that you remember from this hand out- you should be ok! Perhaps it was in a basement or in the home of a heavy smoker….shellac seals in whatever you do not want to smell anymore! HOW TO CHALK PAINT or how to use chalky paint for beginners.

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