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If you have kids in your home then Pitbulls are not what you need because, in terms of getting along with the kids easily, Pitbulls is nowhere in that list because Pitbulls are only known for their vicious nature, which makes them dangerous.They love attacking people without giving them any kind of warning. They don’t hesitate to attack. Each appellate … These doggos were bred to bite and hold large animals for the sake of public entertainment. Pit bulls are often singled out for their breed and thought to be more dangerous than most dogs. However, if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of the security factor, you should be okay with this breed. No, they are not safe to other people especially to strangers because they only accept their owner as their owner and their family member as friends mostly and as guardians in rare cases.Yes, they are very protective by nature and they are going to bark at every single people passing by your house. In this Nia, there are solid evidences to show that pit bulls are more aggressive than other dogs, therefore they are more dangerous for families, especially for children. This is the reason why you may have noticed most of the pitbull’s owner abandoning their dog.This is the main biggest reason why we have so many Pitbulls attack today but most of the Pitbulls owners doesn’t want to accept the fact that their Pitbulls can be a canine time bomb because they always tend to think that their Pitbulls will somehow turn out differently but it’s very weird because it requires a lot of work patience and dedication. Copyright © 2013-2021 Niaterra LLC. In addition to the above, looking after them on a daily basis through games, activities, walks and lots of affection will be the determining factor in your pit bull's happiness, which will make them act as it should. Hyper aggressiveness and attacking without warning are the two traits of the Pitbulls’ popularity. To me, it all depends on training. The breed is highly aggressive towards other dog breeds as well and therefore is a threat to animals and humans alike. If you really want to know how much there aggressive or dangerous then read this guide in which I have mentioned 6 reasons why are Pitbulls so dangerous. I admit, however, that a pit bull's attack can be fatal compared to other dogs, simply because of the nature of its breed, and that they may just not be worth the risk around children. MYTH: American Pit Bull Terriers have 1600 P.S.I. Ensure that your Pit Bull won’t contribute to the overpopulation problem: spay or neuter. Doberman pinschers, rottweilers, and German shepherds topped lists of dogs some considered dangerous in the not-too-distant past. American Pit Bull Terriers passed the test at a rate of 85.3%. If they’re forced into doing something then they can be aggressive but they won’t bite their owner if they recognize their owner as a guardian. If you are a first-time dog owner or second-time dog owner then it is not recommended to adopt Pitbulls in your home.However, you can consider the other dog breed over Pitbulls because they will be less aggressiveness and you will be able to understand how you should handle an aggressive dog.If you have any experience in handling an aggressive dog breed then yes, you can have one but it also requires proper training, education, and hard work in order to keep them in a good manner.In terms of loyalty, they are not very behind because they are also very loyal dogs but, it is always recommended to consult a good breeder before you adopt any kind of pet in your home.Pitbulls can also cause allergies as their allergens can irritate but with proper medication, you can prevent any allergies. A 2018 Sarasota Herald-Tribune article by Laura Marusinec cites numerous medical studies of dog bites in children with a general consensus that pit bulls are responsible for the greatest percentage of dog … In that same town, all 10 Pugs and 20 Pit Bulls bite someone. Violent Nature. Despite pro-pit bull claims that pit bulls are not unpredictable, the breed frequently attacks without provocation or warning. in jaw pressure. They are no more aggressive towards humans than any other breed of dog and can be just as calm … They also have great tenacity because if they put something in their mind, they do it – no matter what.That’s why Pitbulls are also a very popular dog breed for Sports. Most people think that Claritin can cure allergies as well as rashes but let me tell you Claritin does not cure allergies.There can be tons of reasons behind it not working like not being consistent with your medication or not started consuming early. This is validated by a series of appellate court decisions starting in 1988. Some polls show that 50 percent of the populace will not adopt or buy a Pitbull. It can act as an antihistamine but is only effective in reducing the response of your body to the allergens.Do make sure that you tell them what kind of dog you want to have in your home and if a Pitbulls is going to be perfect for your need or not. But as a generality, I think the evidence is clear enough: pit bulls and families don't mix. is a very biased site not so much a scheme. Pit bull terrier dogs and puppies are the most frequently and unjustly targeted by breed discriminatory legislation as inherently vicious, aggressive and dangerous, though this is not the case, as shown by … Pitbulls are the most dangerous dog breed of all and is always considered as a hyper-aggressive dog breed that tends to attack without warning.So, in this matter, it was very obvious to know if they’re safe to have or not. This is higher than Collies, Golden Retrievers, and other dogs generally considered "family friendly". Not so for the pit bulls, whose attack rates are similar for children and adults. By: Max Alvarado | August 9, 2019. Some states and cities have acted on the research: The state of Maryland has determined that pit bulls are \"inherently dangerous\" and all owners are liable for any injuries they cause, according to the Baltimore Sun.Even the U.S. Army has acknowledged that pit bulls are high-risk dogs; they are therefore prohibited in some military housing units.Pit bulls join several other breeds on the list of dogs that are recognized as more likely to attack … I am going to give you all the information that you need in order to understand what would be like to have a Pitbull in your home and are they safe for you or your family member & children’s or not. The biggest drawback with these dogs is that they can be very independent and they … While more Pit Bulls bit someone, they weren’t … Due … There are lots of things that can lead them to one’s aggression and make them wish for protection.It is very important to train them under a professional trainer to keep them fully protected so that they won’t get any chance to attack any human or animal passing by. You'll also get a Daily Nia delivered to your inbox every day one is published. Control your dog and keep … Dog breeds are characterized by certain physical and behavioral traits. It's critical to note that this Nia uncovered a really important fallacy: the pit bull being a "Nanny Dog". I have been asked to answer a controversial question – Why would anyone want a Pit Bull? In the most aggressive & dangerous list, Pitbulls makes in the first. Pit Bulls can live peacefully with other dogs and animals. Michellenaz. Are Pitbulls Safe? Your email address will not be published. Just like our human beings, some people have very good tempter while many others do not. The Pitbulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs in the eyes of the public to the point that most people view them as … Once again, pitbulls are not dangerous if people know everything about Pitbull and understand them well. I love dogs and think that all dogs deserve loving homes -- after reading this Nia, however, I think that a home without children is the best place for pit bulls. In order to keep the integrity of voting, adding stories, etc, you will need to sign up for an account. Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Pediatrics — Journal of the American Association of Pediatrics, Reload page to see your updates in the Final Thoughts Section above. Pit bull attacks are not more likely to be fatal than those by other dog breeds. It is very easy to become a victim of a Pitbull’s aggressiveness. I hope that I managed to give you some space of information on Pitbulls and safety and if I did a good job then make sure you share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more about them.Plus, if you have any questions regarding them then you can comment below and let me know and I will try to give your answer as soon as possible.Let me tell you, even you may find them very dangerous they can be very loyal and lovely pets if they are trained properly.However, if you have kids in your home or if your family has more than four members then it is not recommended to have Pitbulls as it will be difficult to keep them friendly around every single one. They are known for their vicious and aggressive nature, and they tend to be more aggressive than other … This seems to be from their inherent "bite and shake" method of "attack" - however I am not convinced that pit bulls are more likely to attack in the first place. It's a dangerous myth — they were never considered good around children. Pitbulls do come with a very strong jaw muscle and fighting style is definitely very different. Well, as I told you they are one of the most dangerous and the aggressive dog in the world, you can understand that Pitbulls are recommended for families with children. They are not only dangerous but can also very vicious to a stranger…read more. They are known for their vicious and aggressive nature, and they tend to be more aggressive than other dogs breeds.It requires more patience and a strong owner to handle a Pitbull in their home. They are fun and friendly. I think that, like people, there are some dogs with sweet dispositions and some with aggressive ones. Yes, sorry but unfortunately, they don’t tend to get along with small kids very easily. Required fields are marked *. The opposing beliefs about pit bull behavior have spurred debate on whether or not pit bulls are safe household pets. Pitbulls can be not dangerous as long as you give them the attention they needed. Experienced professionals have difficulty rehabilitating pit bulls. (9 Tips To Control Excessive Barking), Do Pitbulls Like Water? Control your dog and keep him on a leash except in a secure and safe enclosed area. For parents who are looking for advice about choosing a safe family pet, and are wondering about the safety of pit bulls, I recommend listening to pediatric medical experts, not a dog … (9 Tips For Allergic Families), Why Are Pitbulls So Clingy? But when bull baiting was penalized in the 1800s, Pitbulls … The number of yearly attacks by pit bulls, a majority of which are on their owners, is alarming, especially the number against children. One of he things … They are extremely loyal. (For a breakdown of each decision see: Pit Bulls Are Identifiable). Ensure that your Pit Bull won’t contribute to the overpopulation problem: spay or neuter. Each breed was developed to perform a specific job, whether that job is hunting rabbits, retrieving downed birds, herding livestock or sitting on peoples laps. It's important to clarify that pit bulls can live with other dogs, and that they are just as sociable as any other dog breed. Most incidents of pit bull violence can be attributed to abuse. Out of 63% of dog attacks, the Pitbulls cover the majority. Dogs trained for fighting have been rehabilitated to be therapy dogs. Pitbulls are famous for their two traits. Massive Body Structure: Coming from the family of Bull Dogs, Pit Bulls have a handsome, muscular structure. Lynn says that all pit bulls should be sterilized, except those that come from licensed … Pit bulls in the news. Each dog's personality probably needs to be taken into consideration, not just the breed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Perhaps with the right training, some pit bulls could be safe around kids. Let me tell you that comes with a very strong muscle.So, if they bite you, it doesn’t mean that they are not going to release you or let you go but, It would be very strong grip and hold.It has the ability to break your arm also so, you do need to remember that if you are going to have a Pitbulls in your home then you need to understand how you can Train Your Pitbulls not to bite anyone. Start to understand the facts about pit bulls. However, they can easily become friends if they have been raised alongside the kid…read more. It is well documented by humane groups that to excel in dogfighting, pit bulls … Pit Bulls are also some of the hardest dogs to find adoptive homes for the same reasons. So the key point here is training. No, Pitbulls are not safe if they are not trained properly especially around children. … What makes pit bulls particularly dangerous is the way they attack--if they attack. The evidence seems to show that while pit bulls are on the more aggressive end in the spectrum of dog breeds, this does not necessarily make them bad pets. So, you are here to know if they are safe or not. It is not recommended to always chain your Pitbulls because it can make them more aggressive towards you or your family member.Before you adopt a Pitbulls in your home, be sure that you always tell the breeder that you have a child and you always want to talk about your expectations and if they are suitable for your household environment or not.You should always adopt a Pitbulls with good temperament that can get easily socialized. Some even saying pit bulls used to be called “Nanny Dogs” for how good they naturally are with children. I know all of you on here have your sweet angels but that doesn't mean its a safe breed because in the end pit bulls are more dangerous in the wrong hands. But still, they can get along with kids if they have trained properly as well as socialized early & perfectly. Pit bulls are one of the few dogs that don’t demand so much from their masters. No, they are not going to be very well-mannered around the public area or guest. Using absolute numbers of dog attacks by breed in … Experts weigh in. Grabbing And Shaking Style. Simply put, pit bulls are as safe to have around children just as any other breed of dog. Fri, 02/25/2011 - 12:01. I hope that you may have heard of Pitbull having locking jaws but let me tell you, it is not true its a misconception only (myth #1). Let’s use an oversimplification to explain: Let’s say in a town there are 100 Pit Bulls and 10 Pugs. ut can also very vicious to a stranger…read more. There may be certain dogs that naturally are defensive and will not make for good pets, however, if a family trains a pit bull and treats the dog well, I think it could well make a good pet. (Thanks for the A2A, Ed Mader; I guess you want to see how many downvotes I can get!) See you in the next post, till that, take care, and goodbye. Here’s Why! Though they can be tamed, they are instinctually more violent than other dog breeds and a danger to their owners. Pitbulls are also alert dogs and make excellent guard dogs for yards and farms. Top Support Story Added By Users. They don’t attack or bite any children that they have been placed alongside. Without training, a tiny Chihuahua may also bite people, while with proper training and good treatment, I think pit bulls could be good pets for families. Many people argue that it is not safe to have pit bulls as family pets, while others argue that it is how these dogs are treated that makes them a dangerous breed. (Pitbull Swimming Tips With Picture), Are Pitbulls Hypoallergenic? When developing a breed, breeders selected only those dogs that performed their job best to produce the next generation. Pitbulls Are Safe! There are many positive aspects to owning a Pitbull as a family pet and some Pitbulls can be downright aggressive if they are not well-trained. However, it is very normal that one type of dogs has more fiery temper than other types. They are not only going to get aggressive with any people but also going to be hyper-aggressive towards other dog breeds and animals.Let me tell you, your Pitbulls are going to handle any stalker perfectly because they won’t break off a fight.On the other hand, if they Attack any human, then it can also be very worrisome for you because you may have to deal with the law or with the victim’s family. They can also affect your lifestyle and your family lifestyle to different degrees.It is always recommended to do proper research and to understand what would happen if they are not properly cared and they are all free to do anything around your house. This brings the "nanny dog" theory into question. However, it is never recommended or advised to have Pitbulls if you are a first-time dog owner because it can turn out things differently.

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